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Praxis Skills comprise of a group of professional and qualified trainers with the right attitude to enhance competency of the employees through their unique tailor made training programs and consultancy projects. Valued employees and teams are critical to organizational success.

Praxis Skills strives to bring the realizations in the heart and the mind of the individuals to strive for excellence within the given limited resources.  When the right people have the right skills at the right time, business are executed far more effectively and efficiently. Development also increases employee satisfaction and minimizes turnover. The truly challenging work begins – integrating the learning into the fabric of daily work.

Praxis Skills’s corporate trainings can be in-house training, public programs, workshops and one-on-one coaching sessions. The training can also be fully customized  from scratch for each organization or hybrid programs enhanced to suit specific organization’s needs.

 Our facilitators and trainers are all practicing specialists in their specific fields and bring many years of practical experience as well as a solid educational background to the table. They conduct corporate trainings locally and abroad and belong to highly sophisticated minds who insist on positive changes and paradigm shift.

Our Training Workshops
We’re Ready to Share our  Experience.
training workshops

Training Series for you with promising transformation and development to your workforce. Following are some of the training workshops we conduct:-

1. Strategic Human Resources Practice and Applications
  •  Applying Efficient Performance Management Practices in Work Place
  • Organizational Structure and Design for Paradigm Shift
  • Managing Talent for Improved Performances
  • Training Needs Methods and Tools
  • Interviewing Skills to Ensure Right Talent Recruitment
  • Critical Strategic Human Resources Skills for Excellence
  • Conflict Management Skills to Promote Workplace Harmony
  • Managing Stress to avoid Inefficiency
  • Termination Without Violating The Law
  • Misconduct and Domestic Inquiry Procedures
  • Understanding and Applying Malaysian Labor Law
2. Personal Development
  • Advanced Communications and Influencing Skills using Psychology
  • Effective Time and Stress Management Skills
  • Applied NLP Sales Strategies
  • Using NLP Methods to become Better Manager
  • Psychology Counselling Skills
  • Advanced Influencing and Managerial skills  using NLP techniques
  • Behavioral Leadership with  Social Intelligence to Ensure Workplace Harmony
  • Become a Transformastional Leader
  • Mastering Influencing Skills with Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Creativity and Innovation at Workplace 
  • Conflict Managanement Skills (Basic to Advanced)
  • Applying Psychology in Communications
  • Introduction to Hypnotherapy
  • Self-Critisism to Move Forward
  • Negotiation Skills (Basic to Advanced)
  • Mastering the Influencial Skills
  • 7 Habbits of Effective People
  • Emotional Intelligence Mastery
  • Remove Worries and Limiting Believes to Overcome Personal Barriers
3. Manufacturing Technology
  • Failure Mode Effect Analysis (FMEA) for Beginners
  • Failure Mode Effect Analysis FMEA-Advanced
  • Effective Supervisory Skills for Production Department
  • Electrical Maintenance Workshop for Technicians
  • Maintenance of Industrial Automated Technology Systems for Engineers
  • Maintenance of Industrial Automated Technology Systems for Technicians
  • Schematic Troubleshooting Techniques For Engineers
  • Schematic Troubleshooting Techniques For Technicians
  • Maintenance and Trouble Shooting of  Plc
  • Introduction to Industrial Robotics
  • Introduction to Microprocessor
  • Micro Controllers
  • Industrial Electronics
  • Introduction to Lean Manufacturing Technology
  • Six Sigma and Industrial Applications
  • Introduction to Pneumatics
  • Introduction to Hydraulics
  • Industrial Networking
  • Problem Solving Techniques
  • Analytical Trouble Shooting
  • Effective Line Leader Development
  • Technical Report Writing
  • 5s Implementation
4. Occupational Safety and Health
  • Understanding and Implementing OSHA and its Regulations
  • Effective Setup of Safety and Health Committee
  • Occupational Safety and Health Auditing
  • Accident Reporting and Investigation
  • Job Safety Analysis and Hazard Management (JSAHIM)
  • Emergency Response Team
  • Safety in the Use of Hazardous Chemicals
5. Professional Marketing Practices
  • Be a Master Negotiator: Influencing Skills to Close Sales
  • Market Research: Do It Yourself.
  • Customer Service Excellence for Front Line Team
  • Influencing Skills by Applying Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Winning Ways to  Sell and Communicate
  • Creative Marketing Tools and Applications
  • Analyzing the Data and Competitors to Ensure Success
  • Customer Retention and Win Back Strategies
  • Customer Service Excellence
6. Strategic Leadership
  • Transformation Leadership: Tools and Techniques
  • Applying EQ in Workplace to Manage Talents
  • How to Win Friends and Influence People to Promote Positive Work Culture
  • Effective Problem Solving and Decision Making Tools
  • 8 Habits of Effective Leaders
7. Quality
  • Failure Mode Effect Analysis (FMEA 4th Edition)
  • Measurement System Analysis (MSA)
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC)
  • ISO Documentation and Implementation
8. Effective Financial Controls
  • Finance for Non-Financial Managers
  • Yield Management Practice for Optimization
  • Mastering Book Keeping and Accounting
  • Effective Cash Flow Management
9. Customer Service Excellence
  • How to Win Friends and Influence People using Mind Imaging Tools
  • Measurement of Service Quality Index(SQI)
  • Zero Cost Customer Services
  • Power of Gesture and Silent Languages to achieve service quality excellence
  • Customer to Loyal Customers: Psychological Tools and Techniques.
10. Business English and Effective Communications
  • Technical Report Writing
  • Business English
  • Business Communication Skills
  • Report Writing Without Grammatical Errors
  • Effective Presentation Skills with Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Effective Cash flow Management
  • Final Accounts, Analysis and Control
  • Preparing and Presenting Financial Statement: A Preparer’s Perspective
  • Practical Accounting
  • Basics Principals of Deferred Taxation
  • Recent Developments in Malaysian Financial Reporting Standards
  • Cost Reduction Through Kaizen
  • Corporate Taxation: Significant Development and Tax Planning Considerations
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