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Training Series For Hypermarkets and Retailers 

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Training Series For Hypermarkets and Retailers

Covid-19 pandemic has made significant changes in customer’s buying pattern and decision-making process. Online retailers and face to face retailers are facing a different playing field to develop their businesses. Under this situation, resources must be prepared  towards changes. Flexible resources with cost efficient management determines the survival and growth of any hypermarkets. In preparing the resources, employee training and development is crucial to uplift the high level of work ethics and employee morale during this pandemic moment.

Understanding the retail industry involves managing the supply chain, using human resources to drive sales to both online and brick and mortar retail stores, and understanding the underlying causes of both profit and loss. The goal? Better sales.

What are the challenges faced by the Hypermarkets in Malaysia?

Since the starting of the Movement Control Orders (MCO), many hypermarkets were caught in challenging environment. Followings are few of the major challenges:-

  1. High employee turnover
  1. Loss of customer due to:-
    1. Movement Control Orders
    2. Customer resort to online purchases
    3. Customers naturally avoiding crowded places


  1. Change in consumer preferences
    1. Customers prefer comfort food, instant food items, which affects the supply chain of the hypermarkets.


  1. Drop in customer purchasing power
    1. Close down due to MCO made many employees jobless, therefore the purchasing power had dwindled very low, these directly impacted the hypermarkets with hundreds of employees.
  1. Changes in working style
    1. Many employees overtime payment and normal salary payment were affected. Some hypermarkets, in order to survive, they reduce the overtime working hours which initially was one of the major contributions in addition to the salary. This causes the staff moral to be high time low.

Impact on the Overall Operations of Hypermarkets


Impact on the Overall Operations of Hypermarkets
What Do the Retail Managers Do?

Retail managers are business experts to an extent. They analyse customer trends, supply chain fundamentals, and operations management to better understand why customers are satisfied or dissatisfied. They use this information to make critical decisions about retail strategy. It’s more than just brick and mortar stores. Understanding internet marketing and social media helps retail managers make better decisions for customer needs and increase overall customer satisfaction in a measurable way.

Stages to Face the Challenges during Covid-19 Pandemic.


Learn Retail Management via Workshops
Learn Retail Management via Workshops

Retail management workshops could include everything from managing employee moral, satisfaction, turnover to crisis and cost management. The series of workshops are conducted online to adjust the supply chain management, handle changes in customer preferences during pandemic to improve communication skills that boost the employee motivation and moral to stay on and move forward.

Many workshops are self-paced and shall be customised to client’s needs and priorities. All fees are HRD Corp claimable from SBL Khas scheme (terms apply).


The following workshops provide 10 specializations namely:

  1. Virtual Team Bonding for Employees during Movement Control Order (MCO)
  2. Effective Stress Management Methods During Pandemic via Remote Online Training
  3. Effective Time Management Practices for Busy Managers and Executives
  4. Cultivating Positive Work Attitude and Positive Self-Motivation to Enhance Performances in Hypermarket
  5. Building a Resilient Self and a Team with Result
  6. Applying Emotional Intelligence in Workplace to Manage Talents
  7. Customer-Service Excellence: How to Deliver Exceptional Customer Service for


  1. Strategic Negotiation and Deal Making – A Master Class for Retailers
  2. Managing Difficult People at Workplace
  3. Practical Leadership Skills for Managers and Supervisors in Hypermarket
  4. Impactful Supervisory Skills for Hypermarkets
  5. Impactful Supervisory Skills for In Managing Hypermarket during Pandemic

All the workshops shall be conducted using online mode either by zoom, google meet or any other platform recommended by the client.


Virtual Team Bonding Activities for Employees during Movement Control Orders (MCO)

Virtual Team Bonding Activities
Learning Outcome

Upon completion of this fun virtual team bonding games, the participants shall be able to:

  • Promote strong understanding among each other
  • Share work related matters with high assertiveness or without hurting others
  • Empathise on individual workers to promote healthy work environment
  • Communicate effectively without any fear of favour.
  • Embed humour and cheerfulness at workplace
  • Manage and let go stress effectively
  • Regain the lost hope and trust if it is loss
  • Rewire the negative thinking pattern which may says all workers cannot be trusted
  • Connect deeply to each other

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Effective Stress Management Methods During Pandemic via Remote Online Training

Effective Stress Management
Learning Outcome


  • Determine the root cause of stress and its normal symptoms.
  • Determine the stress trigger points
  • Master the three “C’s” of a stressful situation: Customize, Change, Continue
  • Learn how to remove the negative emotions that is caused by the stress
  • Learn what lifestyle elements can be changed to reduce stress
  • Use routines to reduce stress
  • Learn environmental & physical relaxation techniques
  • Learn how to cope with major events
  • How implementing routines can reduce or remove stress
  • How to establish a personal support system
  • Learn how to use a stress log to identify stressors & create a plan to reduce or eliminate them.

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Effective Time Management Practices for Busy Managers and Executives in Hypermarket

Effective Time Management Practices
Learning Outcome

• Set S.M.A.R.T. goals
• Learn to prioritize effectively
• Plan strategically
• Gain lasting skills to tackle procrastination
• Learn to easily handle high pressure, crisis situations
• Learn to organize their workspace for efficiency and productivity
• Master when & how to delegate for maximum productivity
• Learn to set daily rituals for better productivity
• Gain insightful skills to better manage meetings and keep them on track
• Discover alternatives to in-person meetings

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Cultivating Positive Work Attitude and Positive Self-Motivation to Enhance Performances in Hypermarket

Cultivating Positive Work Attitude and Positive Self-Motivation
Learning Outcome

At this program’s conclusion, participants should be able to:

  • Identify behaviours that create positive and negative perceptions.
  • The role of intrinsic values on developing the motivation
  • Aware of negative and positive self-talks using psychology methods.
  • Identify the personality types of other people.
  • Describe how to break habits that contribute to self-negativity or self-sabotage.
  • Cultivate self-awareness and motivations
  • Choose positive approaches to win self and people
  • Identify actions that can be taken to elicit the self-motivation.
  • Identify the actions that elicit positive emotions to move forward.

The following outline highlights some of the course’s key learning points. As part of your training program, we will modify content as needed to meet your business objectives.

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Building a Resilient Self and a Team with result

Building a Resilient Self and a Team with result
Learning Outcome


  • Identifying the key responsibilities of the supervisor
  • Aware of personal characteristics that affects the effective supervision processes
  • Applying the right leadership techniques to the right operators
  • Apply the questioning methods to communicate with the operators
  • Setting and achieving realistic goals
  • Understanding what makes people accept instructions
  • Learn how to record and evaluate operator’s performance
  • Use a team’s key strengths to achieve results
  • Provide effective performance feedback
  • Understand the key techniques of influencing others
  • Develop workplace harmony

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