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The Fact- Why many retirees succumbed to depression?

Apr 26, 2021NLP and Hypnotherapy0 comments

Depression and the Old Age

67 year old, married man, recently suffered a medical crisis. Since then, he hasn’t any appetite. He feels no energy or enthusiasm for life, his wife reports he is withdrawn and unresponsive. When questioned, George says he feels he’s just an old man and Will probably never enjoy anything again.

Depression is a disorder that can strike anyone at any age. Even those with long history of success. Depression has a strength to make you feel that nothing you do will ever bring back a sense of peace or satisfaction with life.

It is like a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It can be treated effectively and the treatment effects are ever lasting. In the case of George, we saw improvements just after 6 sessions with a therapist. Family members were couched to create fast recovery for George.

Many retirees succumbed to depression after they are no longer active working or involved in something they are passionate about. Their mind creates a vacuum in their behaviour and thinking pattern which will be disturbing. They gradually go into numbness state in the mind and becomes very remorse and quiet. Their friends and family members are important. However, if they belong to authoritarian profile, people shall behave very formal with them, proximity will not be there. There shall continue suffering. It is not surprise that they shall succumbed to some sickness soon after they retire, which eventually leads to bigger problems.


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