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Project Management: Practical Tools and Applications

Two Day Workshop

This course is intended to train personnel involved in such projects to assess, capture and control them and make the project progress transparent, effective and successful.

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When processes and systems for them have been established, organisations still find areas where controls and know-how is lacking, especially for some activities for a specific period of time, called projects. Because of their short-term nature projects are not controlled and monitored effectively, often leading to over-runs and losses.

Project Management is a skill that has to be learned. Many people get involved in managing projects without the proper guidance and training, eventually learning from unsuccessful projects. There are many facets to being a successful project manager and the really good project managers are highly sought after. 

A project starts from an idea in an organisation and slowly evolves into an opportunity before it blooms into a project. Learning therefore has to go through strategic planning, project feasibility study and the Project Management Life Cycle


  • Apply the skills being learnt into practical activities – Practise any current project.
  • Learn to improve project success rate.
  • Develop and enhance the abilities and skills to implement project based activities.
  • Define the scope of projects to have a clear idea on what has to be done.
  • Plan, implement and control such projects. 
  • Recognise project deviations from the plans and take corrective measures.
  • Complete projects in the shortest time frame
  • Generate project management reports
  • Identify the major value drivers, possible issues, barriers, uncertainties or risks
  • Enable team collaboration and understanding to focus on achieving success
  • Learn about project Initiation, Planning, Execution, Control, Completion
  • Understand how to provide guidelines and a standard method to ensure that projects are conducted in a disciplined, well-managed, and consistent manner 
  • Learn to complete projects on time and within budget, delivering quality 
  • Manage project risks, budgets and schedules effectively
  • Provide a shared understanding of project management procedures and practises 


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