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Problem Solving and Decision-Making

Two Day Workshop

Dr.R. Ramachandran is a Senior Consultant

Improve your decision-making capabilities through critical thinking, structured reasoning, and creative problem analysis. 

Effective decision makers are those rare individuals who are able to consistently identify and choose the best option among multiple alternatives. Their decisions are imaginative, reasoned, and defensible.
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In this course, you will be provided with the training and tools necessary to become an inventive, logical decision maker. You’ll explore a structured way to approach and dismantle problems, and you’ll learn to clarify problems in terms of objectives and issues, with a view toward optimum outcomes.

Applying the techniques of critical thinking allows you to dismantle complex problems and to understand the inputs and implications of your thought processes. This training allows you to develop positions on issues that are logical and explicable to others. After completing the course, you’ll understand why most decisions are of poor quality and you will be able to impose quality controls on your decisions and the decisions of others.

Upon completion of the workshop, the participants will be able to:-

  1. Identify the root causes of the problems 
  2. Recognize the problem patterns by using various problem identification tools
  3. Use the creative thinking approaches to find new ways to solve the problems
  4. Use the preventive and pre-emptive thinking approaches to counter the problems so that it will not crop up again. 
  5. Apply 5 types of decision making tools to enhance the efficacy of the decision


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