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Our Past and the Mind

Jul 6, 2021Mental Health Resources0 comments

Our Past and the Mind
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All of us are burdened by the sorrow and pain of past experiences. Our mind deceive us by making the gone past as real and still alive. And creates link of the past image or the voice in us to the negative emotions namely anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt. Neither Our mind or body can time travel to the past to alter it. NLP has methods to remove the pain and sorrows of the past only to those who are willing to let go and unable to do so. It never will be able to help those who wish to trust their mind, the past images and inner voice. Solution:

1. Accept that past has no use for us now.
2. Learn from the past, only thing to preserve is learning and not the emotions.
3. If still unable to let go, contact the NLP practitioners, they will help.

Finally, learn to keep the love and utilise it, since it can remove the pain and sorrow. Pure love is universal healer and it is without attachment and expectations.


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