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Love and True Love and Unconditional Love

Apr 26, 2021NLP and Hypnotherapy0 comments

Love and True Love and Unconditional Love

Many of us feel the love from the loved ones, some one ways, some both ways. It is interesting to note, there are few always gives and gives and hardly receive any love or kindness in return. And there are few has so much love in them but never know how to express. There are few assumes has the love but actually they don’t have the true love. Out of all of them, there also a small fraction who gives and absorb love from everyone, including those who are unfortunate ones, out there.


The giver has strong elements of sacrifice for others, they burn their energy and time effortlessly for the family and children. The only pleasure they have in their life is witness their family smiling.


The givers are all of the above and within this category there are two types of takers. One they just take the kind gestures and words utter to them as love in return of what they give. The second taker is very much spiritual, they feel blissful upon giving the love to others. They give the love to others and takes from the almighty.


The takers are used to absorb the loves from others and they have pleasant and vibrant child like personalities to the extent, that their presence alone is comfortable for the givers. There is another type of takers whereby, they will be around as long as someone is giving and they shall leave or withdraw themselves mentally and or physically when they stop receiving. Some children does that when they grow big. The parents will know it but very often they will allow their kids to follow their own will. On the other hand, some parents do suffer.
Among all the types above, the givers who takes the bliss from the almighty has some unique talent and potential. They give without expecting anything in return. They rejoice in bliss and happiness and they feel good that god is watching him/her. They will spend their whole life towards giving only to reap the peace and bliss from the almighty.

When we apply the Time Line Therapy, at master’s level, to determine the source of negative emotions such as anger and fear, you will be surprised to take note that for some client, love is hiding beneath their anger or fear. When we request to answer, what emotions they feel upon dropping the anger, they shall say love, if you drop the love, what emotions? They may say, hurt due to disappointment.


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