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Coping with ADHD: Ways to Deal With Negative Emotions

May 8, 2021Mental Health Resources0 comments

Coping with ADHD

When your child is diagnosed with ADD, you may feel overwhelmed. This is perfectly natural. There are several ways to cope with the negative emotions that may arise.

Start a journal

It is important to document your child’s behavior from the moment of diagnosis to now. Start the journal at once and write down the behaviors that you see for a day. Keep an eye on your child’s behavior the following days and document them as well. This journal serves as a reminder for you of what your child did that was negatively impacted his or her behavior. This allows you to see what behaviors your child displays excessively, making it easier to recognize the negative ones and remedy them.

Take walks

Your child’s ADD may prompt you to take walks frequently. Talk to your child, hold his or her hand and walk with your child to different places. By bringing him or her out of your own home environment, you are teaching your child that you trust them and allow them to be out of their comfort zone.

Get organized

Your child may get overwhelmed when your other children get organized. Organize your child’s belongings and belongings of other people in the home. This will reduce overwhelming behaviors associated with having a lot of stuff.

Consider medicine

Do not give your child stimulants or drugs at this time. If you must, give your child a low dose of Ritalin (or other prescribed stimulant) medicine and slowly scale back the dose to prevent problems. This helps to teach your child that the dose will increase as the child learns. Do not raise the dose as the child gets older and your child will have more control over it.

Talk to your child

Go to your child’s room and talk to your child. Start with him or her  about how they feel. It is important to talk with your child in a relaxed state, as stressed out behaviors can worsen the symptoms of ADD.


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