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99% of the students who do bad in their studies are caused by the parents unintentionally

Apr 26, 2021NLP and Hypnotherapy0 comments

Do bad in study

In reality, all of us have our own map about the world. The “map” is never a real territory, it is just a map. How can a person upon seeing a map claim that he/she has been there?

Our mind constantly creates its own map about everything it feels through the senses, and makes judgement on whether the experience is right or wrong.

Similarly, a parent may contain a map, that a child must score A in the exam otherwise the child’s future is doomed in all subjects. That map creates expectations which may lead to aggression and abuse and not guidance and teaching.

Each one of us, including a child has imprinted learning pattern, some are visual, some auditory and some kinesthetic. Visual children can score A easily due to their way of recalling the answer during the exam. Auditory children, will listen to teacher’s voice when she recall the answers whereby the kinesthetic children must love her teacher (feeling) if she wants to recall. Teacher who is not liked by the children will do bad in that particular subject compared to those subject she likes.

Above process is psychologically real and not merely a map. Children who do not receive love from their parents eventually will do very badly in all subjects if they are kinesthetic type. What is the point beating them up?

Remember, each parent who cares for their children, must talk to a NLP therapist for guidance and put everything in a right perspective. Otherwise, it shall be too late to guide a children to study. 99% of the problems of those students who do bad in their studies are caused by the parents unintentionally. This is psychological facts.


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