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Praxis Skills, one of the best team building & corporate training provider in Malaysia, delivering world class services in management consulting

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Doing the right thing, at the right time lead the way in helping our clients for lasting success.

We are one of successful corporate training provider in Malaysia. Recognised internationally, provides world class services in management consulting to help Multi-National Corporations (MNC), Small and Medium Industries across Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia in achieving the organizational missions to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of a business entity. We analyze businesses, find the right solutions and help the companies to attain their goals.
Corporate Training Praxis Skills
Corporate Training

We are striving to build a team of world class people, who deliver world class training solutions. Praxis Corporate Trainings are nationally recognized for superior training programs delivered by an enviable team of qualified, expert and highly experienced trainers. Passionate, dedicated with a commitment to delivering real business benefits.

Consultancy & Research Praxis Skills
Consultancy & Research

We provide professional consultation services by pooling experts and professionals from Malysia, Australia, UK and US. The consultancy areas, includes marketing research, change management, feasibility studies on the viability of business projects, socio-economy impact,

Team Building Praxis Skills
Team Building Event

Praxis Skills strives to bring the realizations in the heart and the mind of the individuals to strive for excellence within the given limited resources. When the right people have the right skills at the right time, business are executed far more effectively and efficiently.

Your People Are Your Most Valuable Asset,  Invest in Them And Make Your Company More Profitable

 People Are Your Most Valuable Asset
According to the “State of the Global Workplace” survey conducted by Gallup, revealed that 85% workforce are not engaged or actively disengaged at work

If any company that does not have happy and satisfied workforce, they will not deliver performance-oriented results and reducing the company profits.

Invest in your people by providing them the best micro-learning training and development.

The most i incomparable ingredients your workforce bring to the table are their skillsets. Their skills, training and development programs, experience in a certain field, and an understanding of companies’ cultures, structure, and work policy.

Your workforce run the company, no matter what level. This means their strength, commitment and dedication, and their emotional connection with the organization can’t be judged as assets in monetary value.

Your workforce reach new targets, meet customers’ demands and needs, develop new and innovative products, and perform enormous and huge efforts to achieve the company’s objectives.

Engaged workforce help you establish better relationship with your customers. Since your peoples are the ones who are actually in contact with your customers, how they think and feel is actually a better representation of your company than all your marketing and advertising material ever could be.

What We Do

Praxis Skills Provides Training to National Corporations (MNC) & Small Businesses.
We understand the demands of today’s global business challenges and are ready to demonstrate a solution that will dramatically increase your company productivity.
Praxis Skills Provides Training to National Corporations
We have The Right People To Train Your Best Team

Praxis Skills, one of the best team building & corporate training provider in Malaysia, we comprise of a group of professional and qualified trainers with the right attitude to enhance competency of the employees through our unique tailor made training programs and consultancy projects. Valued employees and teams are critical to organizational success.

Our facilitators and trainers are all practicing specialists in their specific fields and bring many years of practical experience as well as a solid educational background to the table. They conduct corporate trainings locally and abroad and belong to highly sophisticated minds who insist on positive changes and paradigm shift.

NLP Triple Certification Workshop in KL


Why Choose Us

Our Corporate training and consulting services are specifically designed to you and your company in order to build long term growth and enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your business strategies.
Registered Training Provider under the Human Resources Development Corporation
HRD Corp Claimable Training Provider for Corporates and Businesses
HRD Corp Claimable Training Provider for Corporates and Businesses
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Tips to Cultivate Positive Thinking during Difficult Times

Tips to Cultivate Positive Thinking during Difficult Times

The talk on positive thinking shall address the pressing issues many are facing due to Covid-19 Pandemic. .Simple and practical self-administered tips shall be provided to the participants after highlighting the root causes of negative thinking. The Organizer shall...

Four Online Workshop

Four Online Workshop

Four Online Workshop Covid-19 Pandemic has motivated many businesses to shift their paradigm and work culture into flexible mode. Workshops and training become part of the essential elements to achieve the required paradigm shift.   Terminating without Violating...

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Mr. Kamaruddin

“I thought that the training was excellent. Information will be easily transferrable into every-day life situations. Thank you!”

Ms. Joana Liew

“Matt delivered an educational and motivational experience to the entire class. Thank you for a great experience!”

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